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Dear (Member of Congress that represents you):


There is a lot of economic anxiety in this country because the American economy is changing rapidly and too many feel unprepared for the economy of the future.  Congress needs to address this issue head on by passing legislation that helps American workers prepare to take on the jobs of the future.  Please support a transformation of our public school curriculum to better train young people for 21st century jobs. What students learn in the classroom should be aligned with what employers need. Commuinty colleges can play a particularly important role learning from the private sector what skills are in the most demand and develop curricula to teach those skills.

We also need to focus on teaching every child starting in grade school basic computer programming and app design. I think that the best way to prepare our children for the future is to commit to teaching basic computer skills as early as possible.  I know that Rhode Island is already doing this and is paving the way showing that young people are ready to learn basic computer skills and to prepare themselves to be job ready for the future.  The rest of the country should follow their lead.

I also think that our country needs to provide access to learning credits.  It’s obvious that many Americans will still have trouble funding their educations, but the private sector and other countries have shown how we can bridge the funding gap. There are companies that  provide up to $12,000 in learning credits to its employees to take courses of their choosing.  Singapore offers “Learning Credits” for all of their citizens.  The government creates accounts that people are allowed to use only for job retraining throughout their lives. A similar program in the United States would help make lifelong learning possible for those with limited means.

Thank you for your time and attention to these critical issues.  I look forward to hearing from you.


(Your Name)

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